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Hi, I'm Katie Shew owner and lead photographer here at Shew Ridge!! I welcome you to our page!! Four years ago I started this journey and it has blown me away from the success and joy it brought to my life. Pictures mean so much to me, my life didn't start off the best. I was moved from foster home to foster home with my siblings not having a single picture of us or me. I was adopted by my wonderful parents and my life was turned around and I thank God for that every day. When I had my own children pictures became so important because I always wanted them to have them unlike I did. For as long as I can remember taking pictures or having them done was so special so four years ago I was at a crossroads, I've been a hairstylist for fourteen years I said I want something more. At the time I'd gone through a divorce and then later married the love of my life we had a new baby girl so I had completely restarted my life. My husband bought me my very first camera and shoved me to do something I loved!! SO I dug into classes and learned everything I could and I welcomed Shew Ridge Photography that Christmas. Thinking it would be a side job it blossomed into what it is today. I was staying so busy and God said - Katie blessings are meant to be shared...Kari and I went to high school together and a very known photographer in town "Kari V" She had quit and one thing lead to another and here she is with me!! Wendy was my very first photographer and a lifelong friend, She has been on the sidelines of Shew Ridge always helping me on the side. I wanted her from day one!! SO when she finally chose to come on board I haven't told her but I was jumping up and down in my kitchen. She has the sweetest heart and has brought more to Shew Ridge than she will ever know!! Christine and I have known each other since we were kids, she is my oldest best friend my right hand and she already knows what I'm thinking before I say it. We tackle everything together and I'm not sure how I made it before she came. She has raw talent and she's a breath of fresh air to all who meet her!! I'm so lucky to have all three of them and together we make the perfect team. I look forward to making memories with you all from birth to weddings and everything between. 


When I'm not shooting and editing I'm a wife and most important job a mother...I met my husband chad 10 years ago and he's the best man I've ever known. It would be years before we finally had our happy ever after but God saw fit and here we are going on five years of marriage. God blessed me with my very first true love 12 years ago my daughter Jaylyn who is my best friend and the kindest human I know. Four years later God gave me my twin and the man nobody will ever compare to my 7-year-old son Hudson he's full of life and keeps me on my toes!! Three years later my husband and I welcomed our pride and joy Rowan, she is small and tiny but she is mighty. Her light lights up the world and we couldn't love her more. My husband and I have gone through many hard times but possibly the hardest is the world of infertility. We went through it before Rowan and finally having her we wanted to give her a sibling. Countless doctors visits and treatments we lost hope for five years...After giving it to God last year I hung up the towel and realized that some things you just cant change. In August of 2021, we got the shock of our life... Not ONE BUT TWO baby boys would come into the world in March/April of 2022!! Wilmington and Rafe are the final pieces to our family!! God also blessed me with two bonus children Jacob and Savannah so if you counting that's 7!! We are a huge family and I wouldn't have it any other way!!

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"Shew Ridge is absolutely wonderful! Katie has been there for us thru so many milestones. From engagement to maternity, newborn, bridals and our wedding! Their work is unlike any other and we’ve loved every session! She will always be our go-to for all our pictures!" -Gracie Hamby

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